Cyclist Throws Caution, And Clothes, To The Wind

The chronicles of hilarious traffic stories in Florida continue on as I-95 in Miami can now be known as the home of the near-naked cyclist. Citizens stuck in traffic on Thursday night were treated to the sight of the still unidentified man skillfully weaving in between the vehicles, beating traffic as if nothing in the world was unusual. However, everyone else on the road would agree that something definitely WAS unusual, and that would be his attire, or lack thereof. 

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, the man in question only wore "a headband, pink socks, sneakers and thin underwear was seen weaving in and out of traffic on a pricey-looking road bike." 

Reports of this all-natural daredevil were confirmed by Lt. Alejandro Camacho of Miami Highway Patrol. The search for the man continues, as riding a bicycle on I-95 IS indeed against the law. 

Below is a tweet from someone who witnessed this unbelievable sight:

And lastly, a tweet from the comedic Twitter account known as Florida Man: 

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