Netflix Has Ads Now, But Here's How To Turn Them Off!

In today's day and age, binge watching has become so ingrained in the culture that everyone from your elementary aged child up to your most ancient grandparent has adopted the method. We love to binge watch, and we love the place that Netflix has carved out in our culture. However, Netflix, like a true love in our lives, has found a way to potentially hurt us: 

Ads. Yes, ads. In the middle of your shows. But fear not, binge watchers. It's only a test, and you can opt out. 

Thanks to the good folks at CNET, we have the method you need. The most important thing to note is that you're going to need to use a desktop browser. This won't work through the app. You'll want to go to the Account page, and then to the section marked Test Participation. There you'll be able to toggle your way out of this annoying new feature.



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