A Drone That Predicts Your Coffee Needs?

IBM has acquired a new patent that could cement the technological dream that you never knew you wanted: Flying coffee delivery bots. Yes, that's right. Drones could potentially deliver your coffee. And it wouldn't just be a fly-by drop off. The drone would actually be able to predict who needs the coffee. It's going full on in the direction of some Star Wars-esque robot sidekicks. 

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, the theoretical drone would use different indicators from the body to make its barista style decisions. It would learn things like your sleep schedule and incorporate that data with observations of different tells such as nodding off or yawning and other things of that nature. We think it's a pretty wild notion, but we'd love to have one in the studio! 

The patent for our future new best friend is available to look at here. Godspeed, engineers. 



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