A Trapper In Davie Faces An Elusive Nile Monitor

A nile monitor has been terrifying the residents of Davie, Florida and at long last, one man has stepped up the challenge of capturing the uninvited reptilian guest. When Davie residents, the Lieberman family saw the scaly creature roaming around and felt it got a little too close for their liking, Mike Kimmel was brought into the fold. 

Mike Kimmel is a trapper, and his goal in this situation is try to provide a sense of relief to those that have crossed paths with the nile monitor. 7 News Miami got a chance to speak with Kimmel about his quest: 

“Give it a little bit to kind of warm up, get a little more active, he’ll be out sunning, and I also have a little bit of bait out there,” Kimmel said, “so I have a catch pole and some gloves, and I’m gonna try to sneak up on him and grab him.”

All we can say is good luck, sir. The nile monitor doesn't look like it'll be down for relocation. 

Below is WPLG Local 10's video on the hunt: 

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