E-Cigarette Explosion Leaves Man Badly Burned

A man named Mohamad Zayid Abdihdy was having a normal day when all of the sudden an e-cigarette caused a sharp turn for the worst. A video that's gone viral shows footage of Abdihdy, who was simply shopping at an HDTV Outlet store, going about his business when all of the sudden a burst of flames emerged from his pocket. And let us just say, the mini-explosion was intense. 

Antelmolare Guzman, the store manager, was quoted by NBC 4 New York

"We turn around and all we see if smoke and something caught on fire," Guzman recalled. "The gentleman, he is running out to the front of the office, and he is screaming and yelling. Apparently, all of his right leg was completely burnt all the way down. Part of his private parts were also kind of affected with the whole fire thing."

Abdihby apparently can't walk on that leg right now. Moral of the story here? E-cigarettes pack a truly deceptive punch. The video of the incident can be found below: 

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