A Backwards Shirt Leads To A Controversial Penalty

Alizé Cornet is ranked #31 in the world as a seasoned competitor in the realm of tennis. But now, after controversy has emerged from the U.S. Open, she finds herself as the central figure in what's being called a sexist scandal. 

Cornet was playing a match in the Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens under what's referred to as the "heat rule." In such cases, players are allowed to take ten minute breaks to cool off and refresh after their second sets. So logically, that's a pretty great rule that should afford players the chance to sort out any issues that present themselves. 

In one such break, Cornet realized that her shirt was on backwards, and in a swift and quick move, removed her shirt and switched it around. It was back on in a matter of moments. Despite the quickness of the move and the very sound reasoning for it needing to be done, Cornet was hit with a penalty. As reported by TIME, Cornet could be heard saying, “Violation for what? Really?” Video of the moment can be seen in the tweet below. 

Understandably, this has sparked lots of anger and controversy as male players never seem to face any resistance when they remove their shirts for whatever reason. What do you all think of this moment? 

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