A New Study Offers $300 For Avocado Lovers

It's time to rock out with your guac out, and get paid for it! A new weight loss study in California is offering fans of avocados the chance to earn $300 to eat the versatile food. The researchers from Loma Linda University are looking to find out what effects, if any, consumption of these avocados can do for weight loss. 

As reported by Fox News, "The school laid out certain requirements for the project, including: men and women signing up must have waist measurements of 40 and 35 inches or more, respectively — and all subjects have to be at least 25 years old."

All we can say is that this sounds like a golden opportunity for anyone that finds their self asking for that extra bit of guac when they're in line at Chipotle. If anyone manages to join this study, definitely let us know! 

Below is LLU's tweet about their study informing potential candidates of Dr. Joan Sabaté's proposal:

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