Bikini-Barista Chain Sparks California Controversy

A California coffee house chain has sparked some controversy in the town of Chico. The establishment in question is called Bottoms Up Espresso and they've made a name for themselves for featuring female staff members in eye-catching, highly revealing "uniforms." The ladies at Bottoms Up all wear little more than lingerie or swim wear, and the citizens of Chico are NOT happy about it. 

As reported by Fox News, the City Manager of Chico, Mark Orme, has already received many complaints about the new Bottoms Up location. He had this simple reply to the angry comments: 

“There’s nothing we can do. It hasn’t opened."

Much like chains like Hooters and Twin Peaks, the controversy likely isn't over, but for now it seems that the detractors and the fans of bikini-clad workers are at a stalemate. Below are a couple Instagram posts from Bottoms Up Espresso so you can judge for yourself: 

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