Lap Dances Turn Into A Brawl On Flight To Ibiza

We here at the show would imagine that flights to Ibiza aren't exactly quiet and put together. You'd think that planes to and from the storied party destination would get pretty rowdy, but it's doubtful that anyone would expect a massive brawl to break out. 

The woman joined her fellow passengers on a 10:00 p.m. flight to Ibiza and was already intoxicated as if she was there. Other passengers who were there, several of whom are quoted in UNILAD's coverage of the event, say that she was giving lap dances to the male passengers, randomly exposing her breasts, and doing cartwheels in the aisle. One passenger named Josh said that it was her tapping people on the head that escalated the situation. Apparently she kept doing it until one man had enough and swatted her hand away. 

The police quickly became involved, the woman was arrested, and the rest will serve as another crazy Ibiza memory for the rest of the travelers. Below is some video of the incident: 



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