'Vengeful' Whale Crashes Down Too Close For Comfort

Elena Sera Jose was on a boat of whale watchers in Monterey Harbor in California when suddenly things took a turn for the worst. The area they were sailing in seemed peaceful at first. They could see seals jumping out the water and birds feeding on anchovies. But it was the anchovies that seemed to make all the difference, because in reality, they were sailing through a whale feeding area. And one whale in particular, a Moby Dick-esque goliath, was not pleased with them. 

As they were sailing along, the massive barnacle-covered whale emerged right next to them, scaring Elena to her core. And when you see this footage you'll understand just how close it actually was. The behemoth whale was close enough that barnacles even landed in the boat. The terror was real, and in quote featured in the Daily Mail, Elena said: "I saw his eye...that was insane, he did not care."

Check out the equally awe-inspiring and chilling footage of the event here from CTV News Montreal



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