24-Foot Bong Dazzles Las Vegas Cannabis Fans

A new giant monster has made its presence known in Las Vegas, except we're pretty sure that residents there are going to be much more receptive to their new behemoth than cities that have been visited by Godzilla. Enter: Bongzilla. 

As reported by UPI, Bongzilla will be a featured attraction at the new Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Vegas later this month. The beastly bong is 24 feet tall and 800 pounds. And, if all goes according to plan with public social smoking, it'll even be operational. 

The founder of the museum, J.J. Walker, has big plans and dreams for the growing cannabis community in the area. UPI had this quote from the man himself: "Las Vegas will be the new Amsterdam of the world," he told the Los Angeles Times. "I see it as a big lighthouse and beacon that says, 'Just smoke me.'"

Below we've got a video from the museum's official Instagram account: 

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