"Beer Ramen" - So Weird It Just Might Work?

In life there are a few dishes that are simply done one way, and nobody in society questions it. Well, except for our friends up north in Canada. They evidently have questioned the classic presentation of ramen and have decided to turn it on its head with a new concept: "Beer Ramen." 

As reported by Fox News, Yuu Japanese Tapas in Richmond, British Columbia is now serving this new creation, which gives foodies the chance the to try chilled ramen in a beer stein. Owner Julia Kubotani says she came up with the idea on a hot afternoon. 

“Thankfully we had a very hot summer this year in Vancouver and one day I was just sitting on the couch and it was so hot and I thought about icy cold beer. And the next thing I thought, ‘Why not beer ramen?’” said Kubotani.

Below is an Instagram post that shows off the new creation! What do you think?

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