Broward Libraries Offering 'Adulting 101' Classes

A common complaint heard these days is that young people aren't prepared for the challenges of the adult world. "Real life," as it's often referred to, comes with many responsibilities. Now unlike the bygone eras of the parent generations, schools aren't really doing their part to impart some necessary skills. Classes that teach about balancing budgets, preparing resumes, cooking, sewing, etc. are a total rarity now. 

Enter: Adulting 101. As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, Broward County libraries are preparing to launch a new class to teach people about the ins and outs of adult life. 

The classes launch in October, beginning with a lesson entitled "Develop a Budget," and they will continue on with lessons like November's "Choose Where to Live." 

What do you all think of this? Should it just be up to the schools? Let us know! 

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