'Captain Marvel' Delivers On Promise To Break The Internet

Marvel Studios is on an undeniable and unprecedented streak with their now twenty interconnected blockbuster releases. Now, we're approaching the 21st film and Entertainment Weekly has the scoop. Enter: Captain Marvel. The film, which will be directed by the team of Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, will see the film debut of Carol Danvers. EW has revealed the first gloriously realized images of the costume and has some details on the project. 

Danvers is a fan favorite Marvel character, having experienced a revitalization in 2012 when writer Kelly Sue DeConnick promoted her to Captain and provided a fresh, very popular take. (Definitely buy those issues!) 

Since 2012, fans have been dying to see what Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel Studios could do with Danvers, and this version will take place in the 1990s of the Cinematic Universe. This choice raises lots of interesting questions about the character's whereabouts, especially during Avengers: Infinity War, a film which saw Nick Fury sending out a signal with Captain Marvel's logo. 

Could she be the savior of the Avengers? Does she have what it takes to take on Thanos? This and other questions will be answered next spring, but star Brie Larson decided to tweet EW last night on September 4th to get the hype rolling. Below is the post from EW responsible for the now broken internet: 

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