Nightmare Fuel: Spider Found Spinning Webs In Man's Ear

Sometimes you read a story and it instantly sends shivers down your spine because you don't ever want to be like that person within the story. Such is the case today when we report on this story from Fox News: A man who was experiencing severe discomfort and what he described as something "beating a drum" in his head. 

And unfortunately, the man was right. 

It was during his fateful visit with ear, nose and throat specialist Cui Shulin that an endoscope revealed a spider living about two inches deep into the man's ear canal. Which is absolute, unadulterated nightmare fuel. It seems like a truly difficult feat to even fathom that disgusting possibility. And the worst part? The footage also revealed that the spider was spinning webs. 

Below is a video summing up this real life horror: 

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