Three Florida Cities Rank In The Worst Places To Raise Families

The good folks over at WalletHub have published a list ranking cities across the country best to worst based on where it'd be favorable to raise a family. We'd like to apologize now to our friends and fans across South Florida because we didn't too well with this. 

The list is comprised of 182 cities from coast to coast, with places like Overland Park, Kansas and Fargo, North Dakota ranking in the Top 10. Florida, however, has three cities in the bottom fifteen. Let's preface this by saying that we didn't land last (looking at you Newark, New Jersey). But we had Ft. Lauderdale, Hialeah, and Miami all featured in the bottom of the barrel. 

But on the bright side, Pembroke Pines did well! So it isn't all bad news. Check out the map depicting the findings below:



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