200 Lobster Tails Lead To Arrest In The Keys

What began as a routine traffic stop in Monroe Country over an unreadable tag ended in local deputies seizing 191 illegally harvested lobster tails. As reported by 7 News Miami, 25-year-old Yordy Escalante Carrillo was caught with these unlawful tails, 150 of which were undersized. 

Now, if you're wondering how far over the legal limit Carrillo went, the law states that you can have six tails per person, per day. So one could certainly say that he definitely overdid it. 

When taken into custody Carrillo admitted that he speared all of the lobsters that night, though it was discovered that he does not have a commercial fishing license. 

The Florida Keys Sheriff's office decided they'd post a picture with their newfound discovery, and you can check that out below: 

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