E-Cig Robbery Falls Apart In Clumsiest Attempt Ever

A new video coming out of Aurora, Colorado depicts what has to be the clumsiest, and frankly the saddest attempt at a robbery ever captured on footage. A man attempted to rob an e-cigarette store in Aurora and couldn't even brandish his weapon (a BB gun) properly. 

And it's not even that he wasn't intimidating. No, that'd be one thing. This man actually dropped his weapon and the employee went to pick it up! 

As reported by Fox 31 TV, the incident took place at around 5:30 p.m. As the video shows, the man fumbled his BB gun and then tries to hop the counter. But then the employee tries to get it, causing the suspect to dash out of the establishment. 

What an evil mastermind. Check out the video of the incident below: 

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