Mustard On Pizza: The New Food Controversy

Anyone who's ever talked about pizza or enjoyed a slice is aware of the controversy surrounding pineapple as a topping. We've all heard the varying opinions. Well, it seems that another controversial choice is ready to takeover the realm of pizza lovers: Mustard. Yes, that's right. Mustard instead of tomato sauce. 

As reported by US Magazine, a pizzeria in New York called Lions & Tigers & Squares is now serving Detroit style pizza that uses mustard as its sauce. The other ingredients are corned beef, sauerkraut, and nearly a pound of brick cheese. 

Apparently the oddity that is this new creation originated when a drunk man entered the establishment asking for a mushroom pizza, but his words were slurring enough that the cook misheard his request as "mustard." Francis Garcia, one of the restaurant's partners, had this to say about the new option: 

“You would think that all that mustard is overpowering, but it’s really not. You have the mustard instead of the tomato sauce, so the mustard acts like an acid like the way pizza sauce would."

What do you all think of this? You can check out a tweet below that shows one of these pizzas in the making. 

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