Florida Man Is Hired, Fired, and Attempts To Kill

The continuous chronicles of the infamous "Florida Man" (yes, all of them) expand into the realm of attempted murder. As reported by WFTV 9, Seminole County was the site of gunfire and fear, all due to 23-year-old Djuan Lewis. 

Lewis was hired for a new job at Benada Aluminum Products on Thursday and he proceeded to work his first shift. Apparently, he was seen mistreating equipment and supplies, and so he was fired on Sunday. In response, he chased his boss down Jewett Lane and started firing gunshots into his car. 

The manager's girlfriend, who was present for the chase, says she heard about five shots. Neither the manager nor the girlfriend were hurt, and Lewis was later arrested at his home. He's currently being held on $46,000 bond. 



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