Reporter Has No Idea She's Interviewing Def Leppard Guitarist

We've all experienced moments in life where we're totally not in on the joke or don't understand why others might be freaking out about something. Syan Rhodes of KPRC 2 News in Houston experienced one such moment when she interviewed Phil Collen from Def Leppard and had no idea who he was! 

In a "man on the street" type piece, Rhodes asks Collen what he's doing in the area, and he simply responded that he was playing with his band. And when Rhodes inquired as to the name of the band, probably expecting a simple plug for a local effort, she ended up hearing "Yeah...Def Leppard," as Collen replied, realizing that she didn't have an inkling as to how big his band was. 

Check out the video below from Rhodes's Instagram (found on Loudwire):



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