South Carolina Low Country Boil

Today, I am inspired by all things hurricane! Let’s talk about South Carolina Low Country Boil:


1 pound shrimp.  Shell on

1 pound scallop 

1 pound clams 

1 pound lobster 

1 sweet onion diced 

2 each sweet Italian sausage, hot 

4 ears corn.  

Cut in half 3 cloves garlic mashed 

1/2 cup celery 

3 each bay leaf 

1/2 cup diced carrot 

12 ozs beer 

1 bunch chopped fresh parsley 

4 ozs butter 


1- in a large pot, sweat bacon and onions and garlic 

2- add celery and sausage and carrot 

3- add by leaf , beer and butter simmer 3 mins 

4- add all the fish 

5- put a lid on it 

6- season salt pepper crushedpepper 

7- let simmer and cook for 7-10 minutes 

8- leave pot lid on

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