'Spider-Man' Proposal Turns Into Sad Family Drama

Image courtesy of Marvel and Insomniac Games

In May 2018, Florida man Tyler Schultz had a golden idea for what he thought was some top tier romance. He decided to tweet Insomniac Games to see if they'd be kind enough to help with a huge step: His marriage proposal to Maddie, his girlfriend of five years. Well...now she's his ex-girlfriend. But she did decide to stay in the family! 

Essentially, this is the story of the saddest "easter egg" in video game history. The game, which released last week, shows the favor that the developers did loud and proud on a New York City theater marquee that reads: “Maddie, will you marry me?” Unfortunately for Tyler, however, this addition will only bring pain for the foreseeable future as Maddie is now with his BROTHER. Yes, you read that right. He says she left him for his brother, but according to Kotaku (who received a message from Maddie), she didn't pursue a relationship with the brother until after she had broken up with Tyler. 

Fortunately for Tyler, Jacinda Chew, the Art Director at Insomniac, reached out saying they'd change the text since things didn't work out. Tyler has now suggested that the text serve as a tribute to his late grandmother, who introduced him to Spider-Man. 

Below is the original tweet that sparked this web-slinging sadness:

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