Americans, Please DO NOT Fire Weapons at Florence

Sometimes there warnings and news pieces in life that feel like they should absolutely go without saying. This is undoubtedly one of those times. We now provide you with this important advice:

Americans, you SHOULD NOT fire your guns at hurricanes. It doesn't work. It doesn't help. And it's actively a dangerous thing to do. 

What started as what we hope was a joke on Facebook turned into a very concerning online situation. The event entitled "Shooting Guns At Hurricane Florence To Scare It Away" popped up on Facebook and now it has 26,000 people apparently "attending" and 45,000 people that are "interested." This echoes similar events that popped up last year during the build up to Hurricane Irma. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office took notice of the new events and the uncomfortable amount of people that engaged on Facebook and decided to advise people against this act. 

They've advised that shooting at a storm will do nothing to stop it in its path, but it could actually cause gunfire to turn around those shooting. Below is their tweet on the situation:

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