'Fat Daddy' Strikes In Golf Course Gator Attack

What started out as a normal game of disc golf in Clearwater, Florida ended in a horribly dangerous situation as an alligator attacked one of the golfers. The gator in question is known as 'Fat Daddy' and he's ten to eleven feet in length. He's been seen there before lurking in the park, and locals gave him his hilarious yet ominous nickname. 

As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, the victim in question was a 35-year-old man, and thankfully his injuries weren't life-threatening. Nevertheless, the beast needed to be removed and so the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Another alligator was removed from the same pond on Monday. 

It seems that because that the alligators have lost all fear of human interaction, they'll be euthanized. And I'm sure that another result of the situation will be disc golf players hesitating to retrieve their game equipment from the water. 

Below is NBC 6's video report on the 'Fat Daddy' situation: 

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