"Florida Man" Ends Argument With Chainsaw Strike

At this point in the ongoing news cycle of "Florida man" stories, we're all fairly sure that they'll simply never end. Which is unfortunate for the overall safety of society because these stories can be undeniably brutal. Such is the case with this most recent story coming out of Land O' Lakes, FL. 

As reported by WKRG, an argument over shrubbery ended in a chainsaw attack. During the evening of September 4th, police responded to a call about one man cutting his neighbor on the arm with a chainsaw. 

A video has apparently been obtained and examined by the Sheriff's Office, and according to them it depicts the man going for the man's arm and shoving him after they had an intense argument. The culprit, last name Landaker, sliced the victim's arm tendons. He was arrested for aggravated battery and simple battery and was taken to the Land O' Lakes Detention Center. 

Below is the attacker's mugshot, gloriously displayed on the "Florida Man" Twitter account:

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