Stoneman Douglas Students Face Traumatizing Alarms

Students who survived the horrid tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida continue to face challenges riddled with stress, anxiety, and feelings of being neglected. On September 12th, it was reported by 7 News Miami and various other outlets, both local and national, that several alarms went off in the school, prompting the students to fear for the worst. 

Many students have told reporters that they feel the alarms are being set off on purpose since they've apparently been going off since the beginning of the school year. One student named Alexa Gonzalez had this to say: 

“It was kind of like a hectic feeling ’cause everybody’s crying, everybody’s wondering what’s happening. It’s kind of like reliving what happened on February 14th." 

Given that the alarms are the exact same ones that went off during the tragic shooting, it's understandable that the event has sparked some stressful conditions for the student body. Below are some tweets about the situation: 

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