Florida Man Welcomes Hurricane Florence With Glorious Headbanging

As reported by NBC 4, a Florida man decided to do something that's equal parts majestic, ridiculous, and downright unsafe. It's so stupid that it's amazing: He took off his shirt, grabbed an American flag, and headbang in the winds of Hurricane Florence. 

The man, who identified himself in the video as Lane Pittman, originally took the internet by storm (pun totally intended) when he greeted Hurricane Matthew in the same fashion. Now he decided that he needed to "slay" Hurricane Florence. He left an epic call to arms on his GoFundMe (which raised $150):

"Pay for my gas/coffee and I'll go fight Hurricane Florence. MERICA BABY!!! We stick together." 

He went on to tell Fox Business Network reporter Kristina Partsinevelos, "I don't let nothing oppress me, especially no dang, freaking hurricane." 

Below is video of the epic hero in action: 

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