Mannequins And Skeletons Spotted In Traffic

Two new stories coming out of Local 10 ABC and UPI both illustrate the absurdity of humanity, especially when humanity is on the road. The first story comes out of Phoenix and it is that of a woman and her mannequin. And if that sounds weird, it's because it definitely is. 

The woman, a 19-year-old, was spotted by an officer in the HOV lane with a mannequin sitting in her passenger seat. She reportedly tried to pull off the freeway when she saw the officer, probably knowing that she was in the wrong. She was issued a citation that carries a $400 fine. Below is the evidence of her crime: 


Now, the woman and mannequin combination wasn't the only weird traffic sight in the news. Drivers in Washington state tried to fool traffic officers with unexpected companions of their own. There were pillows, dummies, and even a skeleton. The fine for violating HOV lane rules in Washington state is $136, and boy did some people have to pay up. Check out some of those hilarious attempts below: 



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