North Texas Trick Play Takes Internet By Storm

North Texas was facing off against Arizona when they decided to execute a pitch perfect trick play that shocked the crowd, the announcers, and the internet. Their punt runner Keegan Brewer ran nearly the length of the entire field for a touchdown after they successfully faked a fair catch. Brewer must have practiced this performance because it seemed like he signaled the catch, but no whistle was actually blown. 

As reported by USA Today, Brewer faked the signal, began to walk casually for about ten feet, and then dashed off for the touchdown. It's unclear as of now if he was instructed to execute the clever trick, and at the end of the day it really comes down to Arizona expecting the signal that never actually came. 

Below is the video of the play from SportsCenter, featuring friend of the show (and 2017 Fantasy Football Champ) Dave Lamont on play-by-play: 



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