"Florida Man" Rides Jet Ski On Road...No, Really

As reported by Local 10 ABC, the ongoing story of "Florida man" news appearances rolls on. This one might have set the record for the most unsafe traffic instance, just by sheer virtue of the actual vehicle. It wasn't a car, it wasn't a truck, it wasn't something ridiculous yet kinda expected like a wheelchair. No, it was a jet ski. A jet ski on the road. 

Video taken by Beth Porter in Jacksonville on September 18th shows a man riding his jet ski down the road like there's nothing unusual about it. Now what's amazing about this is that it's completely legal. Yes, you read that right. 

Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Dylan Bryan clarified the situation with Local 10 saying, "They can do that. That is legal as long as it is a road-legal vehicle. It still needs to have the tail light visible." On top of that, the man had a license plate on the jet ski and he was sporting a helmet. So at least he wants to be both ridiculous AND safe. 

Below is the video from Local 10's report: 

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