Check Your Life Expectancy Based On Your Neighborhood!

A new study featured in the Sun-Sentinel uses research data to explain how where we live can influence our life expectancy. Basically, some people in certain neighborhoods might stand less a chance at survival (statistically speaking, of course). 

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems teamed up with the CDC to complete this study. They found some pretty startling stats in the final data, such as the fact that where you live can mean up to a 30 year difference in your lifespan. 

The core of the findings shows that those living in suburbs have a higher chance of living longer on average than their counterparts living in cities. Which makes sense from a certain point of view for a variety of factors (safety being one of the major ones). 

Below is an interactive map included with the report that can illustrate the findings for Florida: 

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