Amazon's Microwave Announcement Humors The Internet

September 20th was a big day for Amazon. They announced several new products at a hardware event, ranging from new Echo speakers to a new Echo Show. But they surprised those in attendance (and the whole internet) with a brand new microwave. Yes, that's right, an Amazon microwave. 

As reported by The Verge, the new microwave comes as part of their AmazonBasics line of products, and it has the capability to interface with Alexa via the Alexa Connect Kit. The microwave, which is now available for pre-order, comes with several pre-set commands that way you can cook without having to press a single button. Surprisingly, the new kitchen addition is only going to set you back $60. 

Other products at the event were more in line with what consumers already expect from Amazon, but the microwave was definitely the belle of the ball because of how hilarious it is in concept alone. 

Check out some video of the presentation below, along with some online reactions: 

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