Woman Bitten By Shark While Fishing In The Bahamas

As reported by Local 10 ABC, a 32-year-old Massachusetts woman was fishing in the Bahamas when things took a movie-esque turn for the worst. She was spearfishing off of Treasure Cay when the shark severely bit her on the hand. 

The woman was flown here to South Florida so medical professionals could attempt to save her fingers. It was a high stakes situation, as her hand took an immense amount of damage. The shark in question was a blacktip shark, and it completely shredded her fingers. 

Abaco Crash Fire Rescue Chief Colin Albury said, "(She's) a real tough lady, but in severe pain, naturally, due to the mutilation of her hand." He also added, "A lot of people don't realize when you're spearfishing grouper, hogfish, they give off a sound when they are injured and that sound is like ringing the dinner bell for the sharks." 

Below is Local 10 ABC's tweet on the story, which includes a graphic photo of her hand (for those that can stomach it): 

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