Lindsay Lohan Punched By Mother For Kidnapping Mix-Up

Lindsay Lohan is one of those names that appears in the news cycle from time to time and subsequently elicits feelings of confusion, and even sometimes dread. Such was this case this past weekend when she live streamed what might be the most baffling situation of her entire life. 

While in Russia, she apparently thought that a homeless family wasn't what they seemed to be. As reported by Fox News (and nearly every news outlet out there), Lohan thought that the parents were Syrian refugees (with no evidence to support that thought), and that their children were victims being trafficked. We can't make this up. She then decided to ask them if they wanted her to provide them with a room, to which they declined. Then the uncomfortableness of the situation escalated quickly as she started yelling things in an offensive fake Pakistani accent, and then tried to grab one of the children. 

That's right, she tried to take one of the kids away from their parents. And she got punched right in the face for her efforts. After being punched Lohan said, “I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared."

And if this story sounds too crazy to believe, don't worry, it was all live streamed on the former child star's Instagram account. Check it out for yourself below: 

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