Woman Arrested For Drunken 'Dirty Dancing' Routine

Photo from Martin County Sheriff's Office

Dirty Dancing is undoubtedly a classic in the world of film, but it seems it is indeed possible to take your love of it a little too far. 24-year-old Florida woman (of course) Cindy Barrientos was arrested for public intoxication because she was drunkenly trying to reenact a scene from the classic romance movie. 

Apparently, as reported by The Smoking Gun (and detailed in the police report), local authorities responded to a call about Barrientos and her friend, 25-year-old Mary Crombie. They were said to be causing a disturbance in the liquor store. According to the manager, they were asked to leave the establishment, and they were being extremely difficult. They came back again after leaving once, and that's when Barrientos got belligerent with authorities. Crombie was accommodating, but Barrientos, fresh off of her Dirty Dancing lunacy, was arrested. 

The most unfortunate part of this story is that we don't know which scene from the film was being performed, and that's a true shame. Ah, the perils of Florida news. 

Below is the police report: 

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