Florida Sheriff Issues ‘Trespass Warning’ to Meteorologist Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore

As Floridians, we're pros when it comes to hurricane season. We're more likely to ride out the storm with a kick-ass hurricane party than we are to evacuate during a Cat 1. However, we do have one guideline we follow - if Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel is there, you shouldn't be.

Avoiding Cantore has become a running joke over the last decade. With every major storm, there's a resurgence of memes that make the rounds on social media. Now some Florida county officials have gotten in on the action, issuing a “trespass warning” with Cantore listed as a “person of interest.”

The makeshift warning sign, which has gone viral in the days leading up to Hurricane Michael's landfall in the Panhandle, was shared on the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Facebook page Monday. The flyer featured three images of Cantore along with key details, including his hair color as "bald." 

Just in case anyone took their post too seriously, the Sheriff's office made clear: “This is not a real trespass. We like Jim, Just not under these conditions.”

Hurricane Michael is currently a category 4 storm, expected to make landfall at Panama City Beach on Wednesday afternoon. Cantore has been with The Weather Channel since 1986.

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