Girlfriend's List Of Crazy Relationship Rules Goes Viral

As reported by Fox News and everyone else on the internet that enjoys a good laugh or a disturbing sight, a girlfriend's "relationship rules" list has gone viral. Apparently a Twitter user named Danial Amjad found the list in a used car that he'd purchased. The list is absurd, with specific instructions as to how the guy is supposed to live his life. And why it feels funny at a glance, some people find it abusive and it's hard to argue. 

One person commented saying, "A classic example of what abusive behavior in women can look like. This isn't cute or sweet or just for anyone's own good, this is controlling." 

What do you all think of this story? 

Below is the full list of rules along with the tweet that shows the original: 

  • You are NOT to have a single girls phone number
  • You are NOT to follow them on any social media (including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter)
  • You are NOT to hang out with Keegan (including his house or anywhere public)
  • You are NOT to go to Honda without me
  • You are NOT to hang out with your friends more than two times a week
  • You are NOT to look at a single girl
  • If girls come up to you at any place or anytime you are to WALK away
  • Mo is to NOT hang out (with) us every time we hang out
  • You are NOT to ask for h--d
  • You are NOT to get mad at me about a single thing ever again
  • You are NOT to bring up Tyler, Noah, Deven, or Josh ever again
  • You are NOT allowed to drink unless I am with you
  • I am allowed to do a phone check when EVER I please
  • If we move in there are NEVER to be girls at our house
  • If we move in together your friends will RARELY be allowed over
  • If I catch you around girls I kill you
  • You are NOT to ditch me for your friends
  • We are to go on a legit date once every two weeks at least
  • If I say jump you say “how high princess”
  • You are to make sure you tell me you love me once a day at least so I know you’re not messing around
  • You are to NEVER take longer than 10 mins to text me back.

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