Nebraska Students Served Kangaroo For Lunch

As reported by Fox News, a school controversy has erupted in Nebraska after a school chef served kangaroo meat to students in the Potter-Dix school district. 

On October 10th, students at the school unknowingly ate the kangaroo meat in a chili dish that was served during lunchtime. The chef, whose name is Kevin Frei, claimed that he had good intentions, citing the nutritional value of kangaroo meat. 

Superintendent Mike Williams was quoted as saying it's not "unhealthy or dangerous." But he also added, "If, we were to have food or ingredients that are out of the ordinary, they should be listed on the menu so that the students and families are aware of what they would be being served."

After this information got out, Frei was fired. 

Check out the Facebook post from the school district that features the letter about the situation: 

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