Accidental 'Drunk' Eiffel Tower Picture Goes Viral

A panoramic photo attempt gone wrong has led to an accidental piece of viral art. As reported by Fox News, a tourist named Jean-Philippe Dumais was visiting the Eiffel Tower when he tried to take a panoramic shot of the iconic structure. 

Lots of users on Reddit compared the final image to different things such as the work of Dali and the illustrations of Dr. Seuss. 

Some people, however, have speculated that the picture is fake, wondering if it's truly the work of photoshop. Despite the accusations, Dumais has maintained that the wonky image is the result of an honest mistake. 

“Even though the creation process came to me as an accident, the final product took me a lot of tries in perfecting a technique that was entirely new,” said Dumais in an interview with the Press Association.

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