Officer Saves Chicken From Fiery Death

A new video has emerged out of New York that shows a truly heroic animal related act. As reported by the AP, video footage of an officer in Ossining, New York has emerged to make the internet feel good. The officer in question was responding to a shed fire when he made the decision to save the trapped bird. He was moving propane tanks when he discovered the bird. 

The officer said "I got your chicken," and delivered the bird back to his owner. 

The police department had this to say about the incident: “Somewhere around the first day of field training some salty cop usually hits you with, ‘Kid, you wouldn’t believe what goes on around here if I told you.’” They went on to say that being a hero to a chicken is a good way to get a hard time from your co-workers. 

Joking aside, it was a good deed that we're all happy took place! Check out the video: 

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