Woman Erupts Into Chaotic Rant At Ft. Lauderdale Airport

As reported by Fox News, and every other outlet that enjoys a crazy video, a woman at Ft. Lauderdale airport verbally exploded on a JetBlue employee. The rant can only be described as absolutely insane. In her explosion, she claimed to have a gun and was jumping up and down. She even went as far as to call the employee a rapist. 

She was heard saying, quote: “Who does that to a woman like me? Get me out of this f----d up place, you rapist. Get me out of here, get me out of here."

It was certainly not the kind of sight any traveler hoped to see as they prepared for their respective journeys. A spokesperson for JetBlue had this to say regarding the incident: 

“On January 6, crewmembers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport requested assistance from local law enforcement was requested after a customer was denied boarding for indications of intoxication and became disruptive."

Check out an Instagram video of the incident below: 

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