Delta Apologizes for "Creepy" Napkins


Delta Air Lines is apologizing for their flirtatious napkins that struck some fliers as creepy. 

On one side, the Diet Coke drink napkins featured the words "because you're on a plane full of interesting people and never know." 

On the other side it instructed passengers to "be a little old school, write down your number and give it to your plane crush" and included spaces for the person's name and number. 

Social media had a strong reaction, with some folks saying they "loved" the napkins and thought they were "cute" while others thought the whole thing was " unintentionally creepy" and a "swing and a miss."

Love them or hate them - they're already on the way out .

Delta Air Lines said in a statement, “We rotate Coke products regularly as part of our brand partnership, but missed the mark with this one. We are sorry for that and began removing the napkins from our aircraft in January.”

Coca Cola echoed the sentiments with its own statement:

"We sincerely apologize to anyone we may have offended. We worked with our partners at Delta to begin removing the napkins last month and are replacing them with other designs."

Check out the napkins and reactions below and let us know your thoughts...creative way to pick someone up on a plane or crossing the line into creep-land?

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