Classic Rock in 2019 is lookin good!!

Many of my classic rock brethren have been looking forward to a seemingly gloomy forecast for all things classic rock but I have to say that 2019 is looking pretty damn good.

According to

There’s so much music coming that I don’t think we’ll be able to listen to all of it in one years time LOL!

All kidding aside these are a few of the artist that I cherry picked from the list for 2019

Santana, In Search of Mona Lisa

L.A. Guns, The Devil You Know

Alan Parsons, The Secret

The Circle [Sammy Hagar], The Space Between

Whitesnake, Flesh and Blood

Bruce Springsteen (untitled, details here)

Deep Purple (untitled, details here)

Guns N' Roses (untitled, details here)

Greta Van Fleet (untitled, details here)

Motley Crue, 'The Dirt' Soundtrack (featuring four new songs)

Kansas (untitled, details here)

Wolfgang Van Halen (untitled, details here)

Metallica, Helping Hands … Live & Acoustic

Queensrÿche, The Verdict

for the full list check out the link Below

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