An Actual BAT Hitched A Ride on Spirit Airlines

Grey-Headed Flying Foxes To Be Relocated From Royal Botanic Gardens

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey Wednesday morning had the worst seatmate possible - an actual live bat!

The bat made its presence known 30 minutes into the flight, flying up and down the aisle of the plane. Passengers were able to trap the bat between a book and a cup before being corralled into a lavatory.

Spirit Airlines spokesman Derek Dombrowski said the company believes the bat flew into an overhead bin in Charlotte while crews performed maintenance overnight.

One video of the bat, posted by passenger Peter Scattini, includes audio of people riffing as the critter flies to the front, back and then front of the plane. At one end, a woman is peeking out from her hiding spot in the bathroom.

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