Regal Finally Gets Their Own Unlimited Movie Subscription Plan

Regal Unlimi

Regal Cinemas has finally joined AMC and Cinemark by announcing their own unlimited movie subscription plan.

Creatively titled Regal Unlimited, the program will allow members to "watch as many movies as they want whenever they want."

Here's a quick overview of the program's perks:

  • 10% off all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases
  • No blackout dates or limits
  • Free large popcorn and soft drink on your birthday
  • Earn Regal Crown Club credits with every dollar spent using your Regal Unlimited subscription

Regal lets you choose from three different subscription levels:

  • The Unlimited Plan($18/month) which includes 200+ select Regal theaters nationwide.
  • The Unlimited Plus Plan ($21/month) which includes 400+ Regal theaters nationwide.
  • The Unlimited All-Access Plan ($23.50/month) whichincludes 550+ Regal theaters nationwide.

Most moviegoers have one main theater they always go to, so that's most likely going to determine your level. Check out which plan your local Regal falls under HERE.

Regal Unlimited Plans

So what's the catch? There are a few.

  • When you sign up for Regal Unlimited, you must sign up for one year. After the first year you can cancel, go month-to-month or choose an annual subscription.
  • You will be charged a service fee of at least $.50 for every ticket you purchase..
  • The plan allows you to see 2-D movies. To see “premium format” movies (3-D, IMAX, etc.), you will pay a surcharge.

Bottom line - if your closest theater is a Regal Cinemas and you don't care about IMAX, it's a pretty good deal. If you live closer to an AMC or really love watching everything in 3-D, then a Stubs A-List membership is probably better.

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