WATCH: Slingshot Ride Cable Shreds Seconds Before Launch at Florida Park

Vertical Accelerator Accident

The ride never even left the ground, but it certainly got its passengers heart rates skyrocketing.

Saturday at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama City Beach, Florida, a bungee cord attached to one side of the Vertical Accelerator slingshot ride shredded just moments before the operator sent the riders shooting into the air.

Kristy Hurst of Havana, Florida, who spoke with Fox 13, says her friend was going to get on the ride, but decided not to at the last moment because she had a bad feeling about it. The friend ended up recording a video instead because the ride's camera system wasn't working. You can hear her exclaiming "We just dodged death!" in the video posted to Facebook. The video cuts off as the ride’s two attendants start unbuckling the men from the ride’s chair.

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