Living in the Cone of Death - Part 90


We’ve been here before, so let’s recap.

In the event of a storm, remember to have plenty of water, at least one gallon for every bottle of Papa’s Pilar rum and two gallons per case of beer.

While watching local television reporters and weather personnel, acting like raving lunatics, it’s important to laugh at them, particularly when they’re wearing a yellow Gordon’s of Gloucester fisherman slicker, while standing in a puddle telling you not to stand in a puddle.

You may lose power, so pleas download some mindless shows on Netflix or you’ll get stuck talking to family members for hours on end “wow, sure is windy”.

Some binge worthy recommendations are: The Boys (Amazon Prime); Stranger Things and Mad Men (I know, it’s 8 years old but I was late getting there).

After this thing blows through, take a picture of a lawn chair that blew over, Post it and caption it, “pray for us”.

Go get ice.

Paul Castronovo, living in the cone of death since the 70’s.

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