Must Listen - Revisiting Some of Our Classic Halloween Pranks

Halloween Horror Nights Press Preview

Warning: What you’re about to hear can and will shock you to the core.

We can no longer air these segments on the radio. They are juvenile, dangerous and in poor taste. But this is the internet and anything goes, so please enjoy these classic Halloween pranks from years past.

Segment one is called the Jenners prank. We thought it would be funny to dress one of our guys up like a deranged killer and hide him in a home while a woman and her child slept. Her Husband was in on it. Hilarity ensues when she wakes up and sees a man dressed up as an escaped convict in her kitchen. I’ll apologize in advance.

Halloween Prank - Jenners

Segment two: “We almost killed OMG Mike”

What happens when you hitchhike and the guy who picks you up is a kidnapper? That’s what we did to an employee a long time ago, the statute of limitations has passed if you were wondering.

Halloween Prank - Devil Ride

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