PHOTOS: The Great Paul Castronovo Show Gingerbread House Build!

The Great Paul Castronovo Show Gingerbread House Build!

The Paul Castronovo Show has been embroiled in a challenge: Toast thought it would be a good idea to throw down a Gingerbread House Build off, and everyone answered the call. Check out the photos here, read some delightful artist statements, and let us know what you think!

Toast's Gingerbread House

Toast's gingerbread house was self described as that of a loan executive who's fallen from grace. It features an intensely beautiful landscaping design and nice symmetry across its architecture. Toast takes great pride in his creation. Check out one of the process videos below:

Heather's Gingerbread House

Heather quite literally dedicated days of her life to this fabulous creation. It's huge. It's grand. It's awe inspiring, and it speaks to the power of the ruling class in America. Sure, it kinda leans to the right, but we won't hold that against her. Bask in the majesty of the mansion she's created. Heather doesn't have it in her DNA to not take a competition seriously. Who knows? She might still be making houses. Check out the photos, you won't be disappointed. (Btw, you can get the pattern she used here.)

Alden's Gingerbread House

Alden's gingerbread house is less of a house and more of an experiment. An experiment poured from the mind of a young man completely sleep deprived, who's already been to the theater multiple times for Star Wars. It really makes no sense. It's got a combination of ingredients that are counterintuitive to each other, and a spirit of memes. It celebrates the love of Baby Yoda and the ongoing rage at the obviously sinister Jeffrey Epstein case. Two core highlights of 2019.

Mike's Gingerbread House

Mike Anderson, the only actual Fine Arts major on BIG 105.9, approached his house with extreme focus and attention to detail. The symmetry is unmatched. The color scheme soothes. And the understated bananas bringing it all together. It's essentially a tasteful two bedroom, two bath situation. Perfect for the bulldogs in your life, and the bulldog in your soul.

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